Lieutenant "Webby" - Wabota

Wabota spent her childhood in the waters between the underwater cities of the Nelendi Kingdom. Her father traded building materials and ore with both aquatic people and landfolk, which meant long stretches of travel along the sea floor. Wabota spent her days deepening her affinity with nature, swimming with the fish and exploring coral reefs.

She went to help a tuna caught in a net one day. She freed the fish but ended up tangled in the net and hauled on board a surface fishing vessel. The fishermen laughed at her and treated her like a thing just because she could breathe water. Her father found her and took her back, but the experience left a permanent mark on her.

She eventually struck off on her own, trained as a druid of the sea, determined to make the air breathers pay for overfishing the ocean and for her humiliation those many years ago. She talked sharks and whales into attacking fishing vessels in guerilla operations, and sometimes she mistakenly damaged merchant ships.

She came across two vessels fighting two years ago, and she thought she could attack both of them. She disabled one, but the driftwood ship resisted her attacks. She broke the surface to take a look and saw a black-haired woman staring back at her. The woman thanked her for her help and offered Wabota a share of the spoils. Wabota called off the attack and left without saying a word, but she started to reconsider her thinking on the monolithic evil of all humans. She never considered the existence of humans who hunted others of their own kind, either out of justice or greed.

Wabota followed The Grey Rover for a week or two after that, and eventually shared a meal with the black-haired woman, named Captain Oya Stormqueen. They discussed a partnership of sorts. Wabota would join the ship's crew, and she could suggest targets for the pirate ship to hit. Oya started calling her "Webby", and the name stuck. Oya promised a fair wage, but Wabota has never collected so far. Oya keeps a secret chest with all of Wabota's back pay, ready to deliver should the two ever decide to part company.

Wabota's ability with aquatic animals and ability to scout vessels in animal form helped the Grey Rover to avoid capture on more than one occasion. The crew looks up to her, and Oya elevated her to the rank of Lieutenant. She still takes delight in occasionally spoiling a fisherman's day, but her attitude toward humans softens the more she spends time with the patchwork of races and cultures that make up the rest of the crew.

Wabota has pale blue-grey skin, clear blue eyes, and she keeps her seafoam-green hair cut short. She usually wears a sour expression, just this side of disgust, especially when dealing with new air-breathers. She wears sharkskin leather armor and uses a trident made of bone. She hasn't decided what her future should look like yet, but she still has plenty of time to worry about that later. Work on board the Grey Rover suits her needs at present, though she feels like her life might take a new direction when she finds something more interesting to focus on.

Lt. "Webby"
Aquatic Elf Sea Druid (Level 4) (Folk Hero Background)
Str 12  Dex 14  Con 12  Int 10  Wis 18  Cha 12
Animal Handling +6, Medicine +6, Nature +2, Perception +6, Survival +6

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