The Rumor Mill - Week 12

So week 12 of The Rumor Mill came out a little late. PAX East took a good chunk of my attention this past week, so I'm hardly surprised that writing took a back seat. I walked about 40,000 steps in three days (almost 19 miles), and that was just the convention center, the hotel, and a couple of extremely close restaurants. I managed to go walking today (Monday), and that got the wheels turning...

Transportation rumors fill the list this week. Most people in Fellport walk or ride carts pulled by horses or oxen, and the harbor bustles with boats coming from and going to all corners of the Sea of Sorrows. The Longstrider's Guild maintains the network of teleportation circles around the world, so the wealthy can access distant lands and speed up trade and communication. What other means of travel will we find? 

1A new clipper ship just docked at Fellport, the Don Fernando from Andalusia.Yes1
2The Longstrider's Guild will teleport you anywhere for 100 gp per person.Maybe2
3Magically propelled carts will be everywhere in the next two years.No3
4Fellport's stone streets destroy boots. Local cobblers get overwhelmed quickly.Maybe4
5Topside Stables are the largest in Fellport, and they have all manner of mounts.Yes5
6Tunnels crisscross under Fellport, allowing hidden travel across the city.Maybe6
7Fellport doesn't maintain cavalry troops, making road security challenging.No7
8If you need cart repairs, go to Smythiel on Level 15. They'll fix you quickly.Yes8

1 - This is Fellport's first Clipper ship. They prioritize speed and cargo over defense, and they have many sails on tall masts.
2 - The Longstrider's Guild commonly charges a minimum of 100 gp for established routes. Dangerous territory costs extra.
3 - Labor is far too cheap for a magical solution to take off. Nobody is even developing a magic cart for public use right now.
4 - Fellport has more cobblers than normal to handle the load. Some cobblers occasionally provide safe houses for Urchins.
5 - They maintain pastures outside of the city to let the horses run free. Noryx Croptail buys, sells, and rents mounts.
6 - Between the sewers, the Lift, and the Raceway, plenty of tunnels exist, but they provide limited access and destinations.
7 - The Fellport Watch has a company of cavalry for crowd control, and the Border Rovers patrol the roads on horseback.
8 - Run by Coryn Smyth, a strong Hominae Vitae man, and Bella Thiel, a Mountain Dwarf woman sworn to the Forgefather.

Part of T.W.Wombat's Lore 24 project, detailing the world around Fellport.
For all city posts, see the Fellport Index. For posts about the wider world, see the Beneterra Index.

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