The Fellport Almanac

Welcome to Fellport. First time? Excellent. You can lose your money on an urchin showing you around, or you can buy the almanac and get more information than you will ever need to navigate the streets and groups in the city. It even provides some useful information about the wider world. Only 3 gold, and it's indexed!

What The Heck Is Fellport?

Fellport is the home city in my current D&D 5e campaign. The characters started as level zero apprentices running through A Hero's Journey (highly recommended), and they are currently level 6 as of the start of 2024. Things have been added through play and through two year-long worldbuilding prompts: #City23 (a variation of #Dungeon23) and #Lore24.

For your reference and convenience, here are all posts with the Fellport tag. Here are all posts with the #City23 tag. Here are all posts with the #Lore24 tag. You can find the Fellport Index and the Beneterra Index below, with brief descriptions for each link.

I still have the hastily-scrawled map of the city that I slapped together near the start of the campaign...

Yes, I scribbled it in a lined notebook. Sue me. I'm getting a regional map together at some point as well, so stay tuned.

Below you'll find a list of all posts pertaining to Fellport and the wider world of Beneterra from all sources. Yes, some names don't have entries yet, and some streets don't have names. The process continues, and these will be added as they appear.

Beneterra Index

Topics in this section generally describe large things from around the world. Country descriptions, mythical stories, lists of languages, and any general world reference topics belong here.

General Cultural Topics

Countries Of The World

  • Alfinwald - The wooded domain of elves and forest gnomes, led by Monarch Syl-Foressa.

Songs of the World

  • Dunhill's Dram - An old song from Dunhill extolling the glories of whiskey.

Fellport Index

Since there won't be any kind of chronological flow to the entries, I decided to order points of interest in Fellport by location. NPCs are mentioned within locations.

Locations Outside Fellport

Fellport Infrastructure

  • The Lift - An elevator system running up and down the center of the city.
  • The Ramps - Two series of sturdy switchback ramps run the height of the city.
  • Cliffside Walk - This path atop the disused city wall provides spectacular sunsets.


  • Constabilia Arcanum - The College's internal security force, also known as Caps.
  • Deepspeakers - A group in league with the entity trapped under Fellport Harbor.
  • The Divinity Circle - Registered religions share worship space in the Divinity Sanctum.
  • The Dockworkers Union - A group dedicated to protecting member laborers.
  • The Fellport Council - Five elected officials that run Fellport.
    • Genna Sinclair - Justicar of the Divinity Sanctum, follower of the Light of Truth.
  • The Fellport Watch - Responsible for security and city defense.
  • The Free College of Collaborations Arcane - Known as The College. Teaches magic.
  • Legio XIII Solmurus - The most famous Ionian legion, geared to resist magic.
  • The Liftwardens' Guild - Provides staff, security, and maintenance for the Lift.
  • Merchants' Chamber - Members pay dues and work together to improve trade in Fellport.
  • Way of the Tankard - A monastic order founded by Zemion focusing on combat improvisation.

Other Items of Interest

The Harbor (and Beyond)

Level 1: Dockside

Level 2: Hempenway

  • The Rusty Anchor - Dive bar popular with sailors and dockworkers.
  • Sails & Lines - Industrial ropery and sailmaker, currently run by Amos Dowd.
  • Trident Salvage - Part workshop for cargo recovery, part curio museum, run by Shaan.

Level 3: Arena Boulevard

Level 4: Tallglass Avenue / The Hills

Level 5: 

Level 6: Rainbow Road / The Millway

Level 7: The Goldway

    Level 8: Diplomat's Row / Midmarket

    Level 9: Council Plaza / Undercampus Way

    Level 11: Upper Campus Lane

    Level 13: Godsway

    Level 14: 

    Level 15: Greenmarket Parkway

    Level 16: Topside Row

    The Rumor Mill

    • A weekly compilation of 8 rumors with copious footnotes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (See All)

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