Platinum Geode

Alton Stonehollow's Platinum Geode
Alton Stonehollow's
Platinum Geode
Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)

This fist-sized geode grown in a platinum vein has been sawed in half to expose the amethyst and quartz crystals within and polished to a high gloss. Each geode has a unique pattern, though sometimes two geodes end up nearly identical when they cut cleanly enough to use both halves. It hangs from a sturdy platinum chain intended to be worn around the neck.

The Molten Throne jealously guards secret to growing, harvesting, cutting, and enchanting these protective charms. Many dwarven noble families have one of these pendants available, gifts from the royal family in Erdgeist to reward and protect their allies. Platinum geodes also serve as a badge of station among dwarven nobility, immediately recognizable by anyone with experience in those social circles.

While worn, the wearer gains immunity to disease, advantage on saving throws to resist poison, and resistance to poison damage. The wearer also gains advantage on any roll made to resist forced movement or effects that make the wearer prone.

On command, the wearer can use an action (or reaction) to cast the following spells the indicated number of times per day (resetting at dawn):

3/day: shield (will automatically cast without using a reaction when magic missile targets the wearer)
2/day: protection from energy
1/day each: fizban's platinum shield, stoneskin

The Dean of Abjuration at the College, Alton Stonehollow, wears a smaller Platinum Geode well-suited for the smaller stature of a Hominae Vitae. The deposed leader of a minor dwarven clan gave it to Alton almost thirty years ago in payment for an extensive list of protective spells and items before he boarded a ship in Fellport harbor, never to be seen again.

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