Bastion Helm

Late Roman Helmet Berkasovo 2
Bastion Helm
Wondrous item, very rare

Officers in the Legio Solmurus wear Bastion Helms, steel helms treated with Orichalcum. After treating the helm and letting it cure, the process to create a Bastion Helm is somewhat more involved than creating a Scutum Solis since the Orichalcum in the helm protects a much wider area than just the wearer, and the protection extends beyond resistance to magic. Bastion Helms protect the wearer's mind and afford some mental protection to nearby creatures.

When worn, Bastion Helms make the wearer immune to divination magic and telepathic effects as a ring of mind shielding, and they also prevent scrying on any target in a 10 foot radius. Additionally, the wearer and all creatures within a 10 foot radius gain resistance to psychic damage as well as advantage on Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma saving throws. Since morale checks use Wisdom saves, Bastion Helms bolster troop morale.

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