Wembury, gold ingot (FindID 96955)
Orichalcum metal ingot
Orichalcum does not occur naturally. An alchemical process transforms a precise ratio of gold, mercury, copper, platinum, saltpeter, and a few dashes of other elements into a magic-phobic liquid metal. This liquid can be painted onto surfaces and cured, which will block clairvoyancescrying, the effects of a ring of X-ray vision, and other similar effects, with the thin metal layer acting as an inch of lead shielding.

Alternately, the liquid may be used to treat a quantity of bronze and form Orichalcum metal. Experiments to infuse it into steel or other metals have failed so far. It acts similarly to the paint in this form, though somewhat stronger. It can negate magic on contact as a dagger of null magic does.

If further transformed, Orichalcum actively resists all magic. Items treated in this way can lessen the effects of magic, both by granting advantage on saving throws against magical effects and by granting damage resistance against spells and magical effects. The Scutum Solis provides an excellent example of these capabilities.

The College has a 200 year old recipe and a sample of Orichalcum paint recently recovered by adventurers. All known Orichalcum artifacts in Fellport share a guarded, dedicated lab room, with ongoing research directed by the Dean of Abjuration (Alton Stonehollow) and the Dean of Alchemy (Ami Deniz).

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