Scutum Solis (Sun Shield)

Roman Shield, via Wikimedia Commons
Scutum Solis
Armor (shield), very rare

This large and brightly-decorated bronze shield doesn't glow, but it reflects more than its fair share of light. Primarily a white-gold color, it catches the eye of anyone who can see it. Every soldier in the Ionian Republic's anti-magic legion, the Legio Solmurus (Sunwall Legion), receives a Scutum Solis as standard equipment, though others may have a few, either rescued from battle sites or as spoils of war.

These shields start out as standard soldier's equipment, so they present more as tools than works of art. Artificers choose a well-built shield from the production line, then paint it with a layer of Orichalcum. Once cured, artificers activate the Orichalcum in a complex series of magical procedures over the span of a month.

Orichalcum naturally blocks magic. When activated, it will actively destroy magic, appearing as a sucking black void through a detect magic spell. Orichalcum also reflects light incredibly well. Anyone carrying a Scutum Solis doubles the radius of light effects within 10 feet and suffers disadvantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks.

Sun Shields provide no additional bonus to AC other than the regular +2 shield bonus. The wearer gains advantage on saving throws against magic and resistance to all spell and magical effect damage. Rumors abound of the Legio Solmurus generating an antimagic sphere to protect the entire legion, but only Ionian sources have reported it. No magically adept third party has yet confirmed or disproved these rumors.

The College has an intact Sun Shield and the shattered remains of another, as well as a 200 year old recipe and a sample of Orichalcum paint recently recovered by adventurers. All the Orichalcum samples share a guarded, dedicated lab room, with ongoing research directed by the Dean of Abjuration (Alton Stonehollow) and the Dean of Alchemy (Ami Deniz).

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