Restful Spirits

Tucked at the end of an alley near the Lift on the Cliffside of 14 sits a tiny shop with two old-style 49-panel wood-framed windows flanking a wide windowed door. A simple second story with a tiny balcony promises a cozy apartment space above. Despite its distance from the main road and the proximity of its neighbors, this shop gets a remarkable amount of morning sunlight. A cask hangs over the door with "Restful Spirits" carved into the side in Common.

The main room of the shop has a 6-stool polished cherrywood bar with impeccably well-polished brass rails on the right and an ancient but solid dark wooden table that seats 10 in front of the left window. Shelves line the side walls featuring bottles of alcoholic beverages from far and wide: Alfinwald Mead from the Monarch's Own Brewery in Willowglen, deep red and golden Dalewine from various Halfling villages, leather skins from Okulari horseclans full of Koumiss and Shimni (fermented mare's milk), dark and foamy Zwergbier brewed by the Dwarves in Steingard, tall bottles of the smoothest Whiskeys from several hillside family distilleries in Caravol, and varieties of local Rum from the Weather Deck Distillery at Dockside.

The back room holds a small amount of overflow stock under the stairs to the apartment above. A secret door leads back to a deep storage room cut into the rock larger than the front room. A truly impressive array of casks, bottles, and skins crammed onto 12-foot-tall shelves hides here in perfect natural refrigeration, awaiting their turn to shine on the shop's shelves.

The Dwarven owner Orin travels far and wide to find and purchase these wonders, so the shop lies locked and empty (but trapped and guarded) about a quarter of the time. Thieves steer clear as professional courtesy, since Orin will heal any injury, no questions asked, and nobody wants to bypass the clerical glyphs and summoned guardians.

Anyone can walk in during the day and buy a beverage or flight, but for the best experience, schedule a private tasting and pairing menu event for parties of up to 10 in the evening. It takes a sizable payment, but you will remember the experience for the rest of your life. If you want a rare drink in Fellport, Restful Spirits will have it or find it for you.

Part of T.W.Wombat's #City23 project. See the Fellport Index for all entries.

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