Weather Deck Distillery

When the waters receded after the Godstorm thirty years ago, a few ships grounded on land instead of floating back to the harbor. The Amigo En Buenos Tiempos (Fair Weather Friend), a three-masted trading barque out of El Puerto Frontera in the Adalian Principality to the south, broke apart on the Cliffside of Dockside, fairly close to the Lightspire. It broke in two, its stern rested against the rock wall, and its bow sank in the harbor. The bowsprit floated back, so someone fished it out of the harbor and propped it up next to the stern of the ship.

Workers cleared some of the wreck's debris to make Dockside passable out to the Lightspire, but the bulk of the wreck stood empty for a couple of years. Then the Fellport Council approved a petition from Tori Longwood to start a distillery and make rum. For a relatively small sum, Tori bought property rights for the wrecked ship and started converting it to a serviceable workspace and bar. A year later, the Weather Deck Distillery opened, providing a decent local rum with zero frills.

Over the years, the Weather Deck has expanded its offerings, providing tastings and flights paired with some appetizers. Tori built stairs up to the actual weather deck of the wrecked ship, allowing people to take their drinks and food up a few decks for a higher view of the harbor. Dinghies and launches stop by regularly, and sailors stopping to pray at the Lightspire sometimes take a detour to pick up a bottle or two of Holy Water (a clear and surprisingly smooth run) at the Weather Deck on their way back to their ship.

Today the Weather Deck is an anomalous harborside fixture, providing fancy but unpretentious light food and a dazzling array of rum cocktails in half of a four-deck ship. They offer indoor space at the bar and some tables in the Landlubber Patio area, plus space on the actual Weather Deck three flights up. The bar and small kitchen fill the lowest deck, and the distillery and storage space takes up the next two decks. The captain's cabin directly under the aftercastle serves as Tori's apartment, and sometimes she lets her staff sleep in hammocks in storage areas or between the stills.

Common rum flavors include Stormclouds (dark rum), Firewater (cinnamon spiced rum), Harbor Gold (golden rum), and Holy Water (clear rum). The bartenders on duty can make any rum drink imaginable.

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