The Godstorm

The Godstorm came out of nowhere 30 years ago. Most mariners can feel stormy weather in their bones, but nobody felt this tempest coming until it fell on the city. An angry black sky rolled over the city from the southeast, bringing pelting rain and lashing winds. It stayed for 4 days, getting progressively worse. Just when people thought the worst had passed, another band of rain beat down on the city. The harbor rose almost 60 feet, flooding the bottom three levels of the city and causing massive loss of property.

A ship crashed into the side of the Grand Odeon during the storm, causing some damage to the exterior stone wall which was quicky repaired, and much of the interior floor needed replacement after the water receded. Other ships suffered minor damage, but miraculously none of the ships in Fellport Harbor sank. Sails & Lines stopped production for a month, causing rope prices to skyrocket for a time. They rebuilt the old ropery first, just to put their people to work and get some smaller orders out the door, then revamped the larger structure to handle larger orders. Water's Edge Warehouses took the opportunity to buy up smaller storage businesses for astounding discounts, essentially monopolizing paid storage in Fellport. Many flooded businesses and restaurants simply went bankrupt and never reopened.

Highwater House earned its name, serving as a beacon of hope in the weeks after the storm passed. Its square stone structure easily withstood the rain, and its many individual rooms proved invaluable to house people suddenly homeless while waiting for the waters to subside. Ten-year-old Genna Sinclair took to the roof and coordinated rescue efforts by enlisting gulls to fly around and find survivors.

Several clerics went missing during the storm, sparking rumors that the gods fueled the storm as part of some heavenly conflict that spilled over to Fellport. Some tell harrowing tales of that day, with the missing clerics as the heroes who gave their lives to prevent the worst of the storm. Many theories try to explain the Godstorm, but all of them fall short somehow. After the Godstorm hit, the undead attacks from the sea started, and they have increased ever since. Scholars from Fellport and the Nelendi Kingdom hold periodic summits to share information and try to find out what animates the undead.

Part of T.W.Wombat's Lore 24 project, detailing the world around Fellport.
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