Genna Sinclair

Genna started her life in Fellport, third of the five children born of Robert and Rachel Sinclair, both merchants of some repute. She spent summers on the shores of Crystal Lake and winters in the apartments above the Sinclair Supplies shop on the Goldway (Level 7). She always liked birds, and they always liked her. As soon as she could walk, she could approach herons without them flying away, which spooked her parents.

On her 6th birthday, something visited her in a dream. She thinks of it as an angel of some sort, but she only saw a winged being of blinding light that spoke to her. It asked if Genna wanted to serve a higher purpose, if she wanted to help people for the rest of her life. Being a middle child already used to defusing arguments between older and younger siblings, she felt a calling and said yes. The angel anointed her as Peacebringer, a person who brings people together and creates compromise out of conflict. The angel also taught her a couple of rituals, including speak with animals so she could talk with birds. She still uses the rituals she wrote in her Angel Book to this day whenever she needs them.

Four years later, the Godstorm hit Fellport, raising the waters and flooding out the bottom three levels of the city. Genna's angel warned her, so she kept her parents from visiting the docks that day. When the winds and rain subsided, she talked with the herons and gulls, asking them to find people and lead them to higher ground. She set up on the roof of Highwater House and ended up directing rescue efforts as her birds reported sightings of survivors. Her eyes glowed with golden radiance when she talked with the birds, and everyone knew she had been touched by the gods.

She started working at the Divinity Sanctum as a layperson volunteer, then later as an acolyte to a succession of religions. None of the gods nor the rituals felt right to her, so she started her own tradition by following the Light of Truth, an ancient cult that nominally followed Apollo but actually sought truth on their own without a named god. She continues their ancient tradition, dispensing with frivolous ritual and the trappings of power in favor of actually doing the work and changing the world. She didn't request a shrine in the Sanctum, which suited the other religions just fine.

The Divinity Sanctum had been set aside as the public house dedicated to all the gods, even back when it was first built and called the Mithraeum. Most people viewed sharing holy ground as a recipe for disaster, and without strong leadership it had devolved into political infighting, mostly about which sect could bribe their way into the best placement for their shrine. As a young cleric without a named god, Genna managed to gather the votes to become Justicar of the Divinity Circle, a lovely title with little actual power. She changed that over the next 4 years, becoming second in power behind the Speaker.

She implemented changes, including making sure at least one healer was on duty all night long to serve the injured, and a quarterly lottery system to determine shrine placement. She faced a challenge with the lottery when dealing with various gods of Luck, but she talked them into not tipping the lottery in their favor. Everyone she deals with views her as fair and responsive to their needs, so she she has been elected as Justicar for the past 20 years straight.

Her parents retired years ago, leaving her eldest brother Jacob in charge of Sinclair Supplies. They both died peacefully a few years later. She moved into a room in the Divinity Sanctum back when she became Justicar, and her primary focus has been on helping others overcome their conflicts and live in peace. She remains on good terms with her siblings, but she might go weeks without seeing any of them. The residents of Fellport voted her to the Council eight years ago, and her negotiation talents have been invaluable in that role.

Genna recently celebrated her 40th birthday, but she maintains the air of a much older soul. Her golden blonde hair still shines in its pageboy cut, and her hazel/green eyes never shy away from anything. She dresses simply but elegantly, favoring androgynous and comfortable clothing that frequently causes the uninitiated to mistake her for a well-dressed acolyte or servant. She remains unflappable in the face of chaos, one of those ceaselessly engaged people who can handle any situation with a level head and an eye toward making sure everyone's needs have been addressed. She always says she maintains her youth by fostering peace.

She considers herself agender, but she still uses feminine pronouns without batting an eye. She never had the time nor inclination for lovers nor romance, though she has many friends in her circle and gives great hugs. She knows her way around a kitchen, sometimes using a delicious home-cooked meal to bring quarreling factions together to talk. She uses zone of truth during negotiations to banish misunderstandings, making the air glow faintly with its power. She usually wears enchanted elven chain under her clothes, a gift from Alfinwald's ambassador after she saved several Alfinwald citizens during the Godstorm, but she doesn't bother carrying a weapon other than a utility dagger.

Genna (Genevieve) Sinclair (they/she)
Human Light Cleric (Level 19) (Folk Hero Background; Observant, Ritual Caster (Druid), War Caster Feats)
Str 9  Dex 10  Con 14  Int 12  Wis 20  Cha 16
Animal Handling +11, Insight +11, Perception +11, Persuasion +9, Survival +11

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