Alfinwald spreads across the forests and valleys just north of Ionian lands, until the trees thin out on the Okulari Steppes. The Ionian Empire tried to invade the Alfinwald during the Forest Campaign about 700 years ago, but they made no headway in the magically-enhanced undergrowth and suffered heavy losses. The elves mostly care about maintaining the status quo, preferring not to risk their precious long lives in armed conflict. They have become great diplomats and great practitioners of all the magical arts.

Most elves in Beneterra call the Alfinwald home, though many enclaves can appear wherever woods and portals to the Fey Realm exist. The nation shares the name of the wood, and most other nations in the world have an Alfinwald ambassador. Forest gnomes also share the Alfinwald, creating their own settlements on the borders and mimicking the elven penchant for diplomacy with endless family politics. Some humans and many half-elves (called pheredain locally) have resettled in the Alfinwald, though the elves still view Ionians with distrust since several still remember the Forest Campaign.

Alfinwald has a Seldaran (literally "servant king", this title is only used during ceremonies), or Monarch, who coordinates the five main political groups. Syl-Foressa currently serves as Monarch, and her diplomatic acumen has balanced the Alfinwald and kept the peace for almost 200 years. The five seats of power in Alfinwald consist of groups that have their own leadership, and all work with the Monarch to make decisions that impact the nation and its peoples.

  • High Circle of Mages - Mainly wizards. Can use ley lines for slow/permanent magic.
  • Disciples of the Morning Star - Clerics of Correllon, warriors, and monks, contemplative.
  • Padalant Circle (literally "clearing walkers") - Natural magic users: druids and rangers mostly.
  • Hud Pedrodyn (literally "group that speaks to powers") - Diplomats and warlocks.
  • Nurman (literally "good people") - The workers, merchants, craftsmen, and servants.

Part of T.W.Wombat's Lore 24 project, detailing the world around Fellport.
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