Rings & Things

Ashley Macmillan bought a modest storefront on the Cliffside of 13 around two and a half years ago to set up her jewelry workshop and showroom. She named it Rings & Things and proceeded to create and sell jewelry both mundane and enchanted. Word of Ashley's prowess as a jeweler, teacher, and creator of magical items has spread since then, and Rings & Things has become a center of community.

The showroom has an understated elegance bordering on spartan simplicity, with space enough to host a cocktail party. Display cases use enchanted daylight crystals to show the available stock in the best possible light, and the color palette seems limited to black, white, silver, and gold. All glass and countertops shine as if newly installed that morning, subject to mundane and magical cleaning multiple times per day by the two or three clerks or apprentices on duty at any given time.

Ashley holds demo hours most afternoons, where she sets up in the raised performance workbench and proceeds to forge, cast, twist, polish, and repair jewelry of all sorts while explaining the process to whoever attends. She also showboats a bit by using flame bolt or control flames to heat her precious metals, peppered with multicolored flames using prestidigitation, and sometimes ending with pyrotechnics.

Curious patrons can sign up for classes to learn the art of jewelry making. Ashley teaches classes two nights per week, charging 35 gp per person per three hour class, plus material costs. Everyone completes each class with a ring or pendant they made. Word of mouth made these classes extremely popular, particularly with the idle rich who live in the mansions of Topside. Between classes and commissions, Ashley makes an excellent if extremely busy living.

Here are some of the in-stock items available for purchase:

  • Ring of String - 2 cp
  • Carved Stone Rings - 1-5 gp
  • Silver Rings - 2-50 gp
  • Gold Rings - 20-250 gp
  • Platinum Rings - 50-600 gp
  • Chains and Pendant Sets - 5-800 gp (The high end includes larger precious gems in platinum settings.)
  • Gem of Sparkling - 150 gp (Illusion magic - makes other treasure seem more appealing, allows advantage on rolls to sell treasure. And yes, she keeps one in every case displaying mundane jewelry, which makes people think her prices are incredibly reasonable.)
  • Ring of Jumping - 350 gp
  • Ring of Swimming - 400 gp
  • Ring of Warmth - 450 gp
  • Goggles of Night - 500 gp
  • Brooch of Shielding - 600 gp
  • Necklace of Adaptation - 800 gp
  • Ring of Feather Fall - 4,000 gp
  • Ring of Protection - 5,000 gp
  • Ring of Resist Poison - 7,500 gp
  • An antique Ring of Mind Shielding for 800 gp (Ashley will only offer this to people she trusts. Unknown to her, it contains the soul of the Ionian merchant Chiara Enkara, who died in Okulari lands 230 years ago and knows of a few caches along her usual route that may have avoided looters.)

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