Ashley Macmillan

Ashley’s long, straight golden hair and hazel eyes complement the tiny gold scales that cover her skin. She has a solid, muscular build, which serves her well when using her staff in melee. Her eyes betray a hint of sadness at the horrors she has seen, but they still twinkle with mischief and laughter. She remains a fun-loving showboat when using flame bolt and control flames to forge and shape jewelry at her shop during demo hours. She likes a challenge, and will take on commissions that she doesn't quite know how to complete in order to force herself to learn new skills.

She left home as soon as she could, eager to use her gifts of magic to leave her uncaring family behind. She built her reputation as a hotshot fire-based adventuring sorcerer until about three years ago, when she barely survived visiting a den of clever owlbears while gathering components for Lucius Modesto at The Dipped Pen. She lost half of her party and the use of her legs that day.

She still uses a wheelchair to this day, though sometimes she casts fly to change her perspective for a few minutes. She claims she chooses not to have her legs magically restored because her new, quieter life makes her happy in a way that adventuring didn't, but rumors persist that she’s under a curse of some sort that prevents the use of restorative magic. She withholds details of that day, claiming that she lost her friends and her drive for adventure when she lost the use of her legs. She doesn't keep in touch with the other survivors of that day, preferring to let the ghosts of the past to their own devices.

Since her recovery, she has focused on making jewelry as she learned in her youth back in Occam, but with a magical kick. As her first big project, she enhanced a ring of protection that she recovered from the owlbear den, increasing the wearer's Charisma by 2 when worn. She never takes it off now, whether to remember the day her life changed or to salvage something from her old life to make her new life better. In private, she realizes that the owlbear disaster was a gift. Adventuring would have killed her eventually, as she willingly took great risks for hopefully great rewards. She finds contentment and fulfillment in her new reputation for artistry and excellent workmanship.

With the ring completed, she decided to open a shop selling both magical and mundane jewelry called Rings & Things. She keeps very busy with the day-to-day business of being a high-end shop owner, explaining her process in demos and night classes, plus forging and enchanting rings for custom orders on top of that. She has a few clerks and a couple of apprentices to mind the shop while she works, but she still does all the design and custom work. She makes many commissions for people with loads of disposable income, as the shop sits very close to the mansions on Topside. She has been seen hanging out with Eretha, the last dragonborn, and rumors abound that they're romantically involved.

She traded her first ring of water walking to the gnomes at Like New for a wheelchair that levitates - she can adjust her height up to 5’ off the ground and float up and down stairs. It gives her great flexibility in getting around, but the clockwork magic occasionally acts up, requiring a service call from a gnomish artificer.

Ashley Macmillan
Half-Elf (Dunhill) Dragon Sorcerer (Level 5) (Guild Artisan Background; Elemental Adept (Fire) Feat)
Str 14  Dex 8  Con 12  Int 14  Wis 12  Cha 19
Arcana +5, Athletics +5, Deception +7, Insight +4, Perception +4, Persuasion +7

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