The Dipped Pen

Tucked next to one of the smaller research libraries at the edge of the College's Upper Campus (Lakeside on Level 11), a narrow wood and glass storefront peeks onto the street. A large quill and inkpot sign hangs over the door. The well-lit interior features clean and orderly bookcases full of paper, ink, pens, and blank books, and a slight odor of leather, paper, ink, and brimstone.

The Dipped Pen offers high quality inks, pens, paper, and spellbooks for any who can afford it. They make some easy money through students living on their parents' wealth, and they offer monthly paper and ink subscriptions, but they also do excellent work with custom spellbooks and special inks. They offer Enduring Spellbooks off the rack for 250 gold, but they prefer to make custom orders for 300-500 gold. They also provide specific inks for each college of magic, granting faster scribing times or +1 caster level on scrolls scribed with a spell from that college.

Lucius Modesto, the bespectacled and balding Halfling owner, has a work desk on a raised platform behind the counter, giving him a view of the entire shop. He can scribe scrolls for a large fee, but he doesn't offer this service to just anyone. He also has a mind for languages and legal loopholes, as he has worked with Tieflings and their parents extensively in the past. He only hires polite and competent staff to handle patrons buying things off the shelf, preferring to get involved only for inquiries about custom work.

Part of T.W.Wombat's #City23 project. See the Fellport Index for all entries.

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