Aurelia Stonecairn

Aurelia stands just over 8 feet tall, strong and sturdy, but she comes across as brusque, especially to people who don't know her. She has no memory of her parents, who died just after her birth. She believes she exists to forge order out of the world's natural chaos, which made her unpopular in her youth when she studied for the traditional clergy. She ended up blazing her own trail and uncovering a slightly different source of power to worship. She decided to move to Fellport when a local group of fellow Firbolgs headed in that direction.

She settled in a smaller house in Talltown, then set to work finding ways to organize some aspect of the city. It didn't take her long to find Highwater House, with its overworked staff of volunteers catering to the otherwise homeless of the city. She set to work doing odd jobs and mercenary spellcasting (everybody needs a healer sometimes, right?) to keep the money flowing, then volunteering as much as she could at Highwater House.

Recently she organized the team of volunteers to make Highwater House run more efficiently, effectively taking a leadership position over the other relieved volunteers. The past year has seen fewer disputes between the tenants and much of the daily stress taken off the volunteers through Aurelia's book of standardized processes for everyone. Aurelia handles any disruptions to the house's routines quickly and quietly.

Aurelia Stonecairn
Firbolg Order Cleric (Level 3) (Acolyte Background)
Str 14  Dex 10  Con 12  Int 10  Wis 16  Cha 14
Insight +5, Medicine +5, Persuasion +4, Religion +2

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