Highwater House

Located near the Fellport Glassworks on the Lakeside of Level 4, Highwater House once housed Glassworks employees. An economic downturn emptied the house for years, but when the bottom 3 levels of the city flooded during the Godstorm thirty years ago, people fixed it up and lived there until the waters receded. Everyone started calling it Highwater House, and it has provided a place to stay for anyone needing shelter ever since.

Funded by donations from private citizens, successful businesses (including the Fellport Glassworks who still technically own the property), and organizations (most notably The Garden Manor Society), Highwater house provides free lodging to whoever needs it. An industrial kitchen provides a passable meal every evening at sundown on the ground floor. If you can pay for your room, you get an assigned space on an upper floor (locks cost extra), otherwise you get what you get. Evenings in the common area on the ground floor can get crowded on cold nights.

Designed for efficiently packing people into small spaces, this 4-story brutalist grey stone structure sprawls along the Landside of Tallglass Way like a beached whale made out of precise right angles. Its roof sits barely three steps below the next level up, providing a rooftop veranda and gathering space for the residences above. Weekly neighborhood get-togethers happen on the roof, weather permitting, with an easy atmosphere of social mingling, games, and making business contacts for future enterprises.

Recently a firbolg named Aurelia Stonecairn has volunteered to take over the day-to-day running of Highwater House, providing a strong hand to organize people and settle disputes. Everyone respects her level head and clear ability to get things done. She lives in nearby Talltown, and she projects an air of authority that few dare question.

Part of T.W.Wombat's #City23 project. See the Fellport Index for all entries.

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