The Garden Manor Society

Founded 80 years ago by Emma Gardner, the last surviving member of the Gardner family in Fellport, the Garden Manor Society exists to bring a distinctly elven sense of long-term conservation to the city of Fellport and beyond. The Society controls enough of an endowment to maintain the grounds of the Garden Manor, Highgarden, and Elvenhall, and still have enough left over to try and reclaim green areas in other parts of the city. The Society enforces wilderness areas on the shores of Crystal Lake outside Fellport as well, providing trails and scenic areas to keep people's destructive tendencies from trampling the entire area.

Membership in The Garden Manor Society provides societal prestige and access to rich families in town. Current board members include Emma Gardner and Lady Amaryllis, matriarch of the Amaryllis family who control a vast estate outside Fellport which provides most of the city's food. Society members buy their way into hosting grand social events and intimate performances at the Manor. Members who truly embrace the underlying goals of the Society prefer to remain anonymous, but more vain members tend to wear small golden membership pins with emerald-inlaid letters spelling out "GMS" to subtly brag about their riches and status.

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