Representatives from the nation of Alfinwald visit Fellport on diplomatic missions all the time. When they stay in town, they avoid the Council-supplied residence on Diplomat's Row in favor of the Elvenhall (Elfinhalle in Elvish) on the grounds of the Garden Manor on Topside Row. Built by elves a few hundred years ago, it tricks anyone inside the walls into believe that they walked into the Alfinwald Forest with a single step. Forest sounds mask the rumble of the city beyond, and the carefully-transplanted trees shade the grounds from the unrelenting seaside sun.

The building itself remains alive, but provides ample room for a retinue of a dozen or more to live comfortably. Druids visit yearly to negotiate with the trees and maintain the required space, but even so the floor plan changes subtly over time.

Rumors of a Fey Gate hidden somewhere on the grounds have encouraged trespassers in the past, but anyone uninvited ends up catatonic with fear, or nursing scratches and bites after narrowly escaping whatever prowls the grounds. It seems that something other than Elves and trees lives on the Elvenhall property.

In exchange for free use of Elvenhall, the Manor Garden Society requires a yearly talk from an Alfinwald druid about natural conservation or some other related nature topic, usually bundled with the building maintenance.

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