The Garden Manor

Built by the Gardner family near the founding of Fellport, most people now know this lavish Ionian style residence as the Garden Manor. Its spacious interior now houses the headquarters of the Garden Manor Society, founded 80 years ago by the last remaining member of the Gardner family: a Half-Elven woman named Emma Gardner. Members of the Gardner family drop by from time to time, and the Society makes sure they have an appropriate place to sleep with the Manor walls.

The Garden Manor has a smaller guest house on the grounds, known as Elvenhall. It features the much more natural curved architecture of its elven designer, and it houses Elven diplomats when they come to town, masterfully hiding the occupants from the sights and sounds of the city behind high walls and trees transplanted from the Elven Wood to the west.

Carefully maintained gardens surround The Garden Manor on all sides, with crushed stone paths winding through the grounds and around the many fountains. Eventually the paths lead to stairs leading down to Highgarden below, providing spectacular views of the harbor and sea beyond. While not the largest mansion on Topside Row, the grounds contain more than enough natural beauty and distractions to occupy days of wandering.

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