In the early days of Fellport, the Gardner family wanted the entire upper left corner of the city set aside. Their riches ensured that they got their wish. They set aside the lower half of their claim as a nature preserve, with stairs, hidden gardens, waterfalls, and quiet pools built into the slope between the 15th and 16th levels of the city. The area of wilderness covering the 15th level between the Cliffside Ramp and wall became known as Highgarden, barely contained by a low wall next to the Ramp.

As the Gardner family died off and moved away, their manor above the garden on Level 16 sat almost vacant until the Garden Manor Society took over care of the grounds. Nowadays, everyone can enjoy walking through Highgarden, as both the Garden Manor Society and the Fellport Council share responsibility for its upkeep. It stands as a quiet spot for introspection in a bustling trade city, shaded by trees and flowers from all over the world.

Within Highgarden, the sharp-eyed and curious will notice natural-looking marks making odd patterns on stones and branches alike. Two hundred years of graffiti written in Druidic and Sylvan peek through everywhere you look. Most of it means nothing, spouting either nonsense or vapid natural platitudes. Rumor has it some hold deep magical secrets, but Wyatt, the Wood Elf caretaker, says he hasn't found any secrets of consequence so far.

Part of T.W.Wombat's #City23 project. See the Fellport Index for all entries.

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