Wyatt Bentreed

Wyatt grew up in the Elven nation of Alfinwald, where he developed a strong affinity with all animals since birth. Back when he could just about walk, he single-handedly saved dozens of animals from a fire. He still stays away from fire if he can help it, and he bears pinkish burn scars splotched irregularly on most of his coppery skin, though middle age has mostly worn them into a softer patchwork of color and pattern. He shaves his head at least weekly, and his deep-set hazel eyes see far beyond his sharp nose and narrow mouth.

His affinity with animals has guided him on centuries of adventures, fighting the Ionian legions with hordes of summoned animals and wilderness traps, asking the spirits about what to do with a reclaimed patch of forest, and sealing dangerous caves with quickly-growing vines. He retired from active adventuring about ten years ago, and the Monarch of Alfinwald asked him to tend the Highgarden in Fellport as a favor.

He took over maintaining the garden, and he still reports back to the Monarch on any interesting goings-on in the city. He found Highgarden's Druidic and Sylvan graffiti interesting, though he no longer actively investigates and catalogues it. He has taken to awakening animals to help him monitor and maintain the garden. His current awakened crew includes Greta (Brown Bear Abjuration Wizard), Raphael (Dire Rat Thief), Colin (Dire Wolf Battle Master Fighter), and Yana (Fox Druid).

Wyatt Bentreed
Wood Elf Shepherd Druid (Level 11) (Folk Hero Background)
Str 12  Dex 14  Con 12  Int 10  Wis 20  Cha 12
Animal Handling +9, Insight +9, Nature +4, Perception +9, Survival +9

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