Burberry & Haviland, Tailors

Tucked away on Level 15, just below Topside, an old but immaculately maintained triple storefront houses the oldest tailor shop in Fellport. The carved wood sign over the tall double doors simply reads "Burberry & Haviland, Tailors", but if the reader knows Latin the last word changes to "Sartores". The interior feels cozy and tastefully decorated, with bolts of fabric and several sample styles of suits, shirts, dresses, ties, boots, belts, gloves, and hats tastefully decorated for your perusal. Exactly none of the bustle on the street outside penetrates beyond the front door. The shop doesn't feel cluttered as much as highly organized, and you can wander from room to room for hours without retracing your steps. The attentive floor staff greet everyone, by name if possible, before leading them to a specialist in a spacious fitting room to discuss their needs.

The expert staff handmakes every order to customer-supplied specifications with an implicit guarantee of the highest quality in all things. All orders require base measurements one day and fittings the next before final delivery the following day. Money changes hands before any work begins; attempting to bargain and withhold payment will get you escorted back onto the street. Patrons waiting for others in their party to finish up usually receive a voucher for a drink at The Perfect Pint, the attached lounge which also serves the public.

Special orders with special materials or extensive construction requirements will cost more and take an extra day to prepare, but the prestige associated with custom dye jobs or limited-time clothing enchantments will reap benefits far beyond any coin spent. If you can dream it, Burberry & Haviland can make it for you.

They rarely offer seconds and refused orders, but when they do spread word of a sale day, it makes custom fashion almost affordable to someone without extensive landholdings.

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