The Perfect Pint

The Perfect Pint lies on the Lakeside of Level 15, just below Topside. It shares frontage with Burberry & Haviland because they originally opened the bar as a waiting room for their clientele. The bar has switched owners many times, though the internal access to the tailor shop and the informal arrangement of sending clients from one establishment to the other has persisted for hundreds of years.

The spotless interior and several smaller rooms continues the internal structure of Burberry & Haviland, but the large front room with the main bar seems sparse during the day. Around sundown the place comes alive, with excellent drink and tasty lighter fare available for purchase. Every person on the service staff seems to read minds, bringing another round almost before you can order. The upscale patrons restrict arguments to words, never fisticuffs.

The current owners, Bran & Jane Casey, emigrated from Occam in the Dunhill Confederacy to the North about 8 years ago. They arrived with little, but they proved themselves as resourceful tavern owners and unfailingly kind to their patrons. They borrowed money from Ezekiel Wellman-Tapper, owner of Like New, to afford The Perfect Pint. In exchange the couple works off their debt by recommending that folks use Like New for all manner of cleaning services. They have nearly cleared the debt after 5 years, but they still have some distance to go.

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