Fellport Glassworks

Fellport Glassworks takes up a significant portion of Level 4's Lakeside between the Ramp and the Wall. The campus has several shops with furnaces both traditional and elemental-powered. The traditional furnaces have blowers powered by underground water works to keep the temperature at an ideal level.

The Glassworks made its name by producing the clearest glass in the Empire using locally-gathered white sand. Bottles for beer, wine, and potions still sit at the core of the Glassworks production schedule, but they have always experimented to see what people want. Once they perfected the process, sales of sheet glass for windows took off, only leveling out after every building in the city had the new windows installed. The docks need a steady supply of brass-bound portholes as well, so the Glassworks rarely worries about selling their stock. Lately people have said the sand supplies look much lower than in past years, so rumors fly about a sudden slowdown in productivity.

In the past few decades, the Glassworks has added a few tiny furnaces for artwork made with blown glass, brainchild of the current Chief Artisan Thaddeous Reed. A dedicated community of artisans has sprung up, offering lessons, custom-made objects for magic items, and art pieces both huge and tiny. Prices vary wildly, as does quality, but if you want something specific done with glass, ask the Glassworks Artisans.

Part of T.W.Wombat's #City23 project. See the Fellport Index for all entries.

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