Thaddeous Reed

As the Chief Artisan of the Fellport Glassworks, Thaddeous has many financial matters on his mind lately. The success of the Glassworks acts as a double-edged sword, requiring more materials and artisans to keep up with the demand without overextending when demand drops. The rumors about sand shortages could not have come at a worse time, as Thaddeous tries to balance the books and project a path forward for the next 10 years. He needs to find a Conjurer to renegotiate the deal with the Fire Elementals in the Arcane Forge wing, and he needs to install a new member of his board of directors ahead of schedule, as Taylor Johnson died unexpectedly last week.

He doesn't usually wear his suit of Plate, but he feels his Glass Warhammer with the flame head acts as more of an art piece than a weapon. Middle age has caught up to him, and he moves more deliberately now even though his mental and physical strength show no signs of slacking any time soon. His tightly-braided brown and grey beard gets tucked into the ring he wears on a chain around his neck while he works, and his dark eyes sparkle above a broad nose. He rises to nearly human height, but his broad body clearly speaks of his dwarven lineage. He rarely talks about his distant past, and only a few trusted friends know of his foundling origin.

Thaddeous enjoys the process of making, or in his mind "the allowing of things to attain a more perfect state". He started with the traditional disciplines of masonry and smithing, but he craved something more delicate and introspective despite his stiff fingers. Glass called to him, and he spent many years at Fellport Glassworks honing his craft and learning the business. He allows the glass to flow where it wants to flow, creating larger dynamic pieces that emulate the beautiful chaos of water, stone, and fire. He leaves the fine detail work to those with greater aptitude, preferring to create centerpieces and larger sculptural pieces.

He spearheaded the Glassworks Artisan program about 50 years ago, which brought him to the attention of the then-Chief Artisan (now deceased). They groomed him to take over the business, and he took to it readily enough. Twenty years ago he found himself accepting the Chief Artisan position, which put him in charge of the finances. He doesn't really enjoy the business side of things, but he views it as a necessary hardship to bring more glass into the world, so he keeps his grumbling mostly to himself and soldiers on. He has outlived many on his board of directors, but he has ensured that the new directors keep challenging him to keep the company strong.

Thaddeous Reed
Hill Dwarf Forge Cleric (Level 6) (Guild Artisan Background, Crusher Feat)
Str 15  Dex 8  Con 12  Int 13  Wis 16  Cha 12
History +4, Insight +6, Persuasion +4, Religion +4

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