The Grand Odeon

Scholars say when Ionian settlements become cities, they build an arena. Fellport followed that model with a three-story stone structure on the Cliffside of Level 3. In its heyday the arena complex dominated from the Lift to the wall, but times changed. About the time the Empire retracted and became the Republic, interest in combat games began to wane.

A hundred and twenty years ago when Fellport declared independence, the first big civic project involved converting the arena to the Grand Odeon, a large performance hall for recitals, performances, and lectures. The citizens came together and built a roof and stage, then sealed the windows with glass panes from the Glassworks. Many of the supporting buildings (barracks, animal houses, and bars) between the Cliffside Ramp and the Lift passed into private hands around this time as well. The Grand Odeon now fits between the Cliffside Ramp and the wall.

Today the Odeon can seat 5,000 people when using the entire length of the stage, but most of the time a removable wall bisects the space, reducing the audience to 2,500 people. The College uses the space most often for large lectures, final exam presentations, and graduation ceremonies. A collection of small rooms lies under the higher seats on both sides of the main hall; the Harborside rooms offer excellent views of the harbor. The Odeon staff offers rooms for rent to anyone who requests one, but they sell out quickly for harbor festival events. Contact the Odeon Manager Humbert DeSilva for requests to rent the hall or any of the rooms.

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