Bert DeSilva

Humbert (or Bert as everyone knows him) never wanted to adventure for a living, though that seemed the only way out of his life when his laborer parents both died in the same year in his younger years. He cleaned himself up and decided to pretend for a living. First, he pretended to give tours of Fellport for money. When the other urchins rose against him, he pretended to sell houses he didn't own. He apologized profusely for the confusion when he got caught, and his mark didn't press charges.

Then he pretended that he had some experience in stealing things. That brought him to the attention of the Lakeside Six, a sprawling band of thieves operating in Fellport. He trained woefully little before his first official mission for the Six. Things went wrong, as they usually do around him, but Bert got in a lucky shot and made short work of the sorcerer guard who ambushed his team.

He blundered his way up the hierarchy of the Six for twelve years by screwing up spellcasters on a regular basis, but he eventually figured out he didn't want to run break-ins any more, especially given his elevated weight and receding hairline. He talked to the leaders and retired, but he still has plenty of good contacts within the Six. He pretended to know how to manage properties, and he eventually talked his way into managing the Grand Odeon.

Bert has run the Odeon for the City Council for the past six years. He plays it fast and loose, setting rental prices as he sees fit and skimming a few silver on every transaction. Nobody has figured out his secondary income yet, so he feels safe in keeping his scam going. He also works with the Six, taking kickbacks for tips on good scores that he overhears in the crowd or when he rents a room.

Bert looks much older than his mid-30s. He has always been heavy-set, and his endurance always lagged behind his peers. His mouse-brown hair thins and recedes, and he usually feels out of control. He acts like he has no self-confidence, which makes him an excellent con man.

Humbert DeSilva
Human Thief Rogue (Level 5) (Charlatan Background, Mage Slayer Feat)
Str 10  Dex 16  Con 8  Int 14  Wis 12  Cha 16
Deception* +9, Insight +4, Investigation +5, Perception +4, Persuasion* +9, Sleight of Hand +6, Stealth +6

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