Imperial Mills

The Imperial Mills have been on the Lakeside of Level 6 in Fellport, grinding grain into flour since the Ionian Empire ruled the city, at least three hundred years. Production has improved somewhat in that time, and today the grinding wheels are powered by the Raceway, an underground system of canals designed to turn waterwheels throughout the city. The Mills have kept their name since the Empire took over and assigned a respected citizen as Master of the Mills. The Masters didn't need business acumen, they just needed to turn the wheat grown in the fields into flour to feed everyone in the city.

Grain delivery from the Amaryllis Estate happens underground, appearing in the Mills' reserve bins as if by magic, but in reality a system of Raceway-powered rollers propels the grain from the threshing houses into the city. Air Elementals clean out any errant grain from the tunnels nightly, depositing all the dropped grain into the reserves for processing the next morning.

Lady Amaryllis views the current Master, Florian Amicus, as a bit of a stick in the mud: useful, but a poor drinking companion. They get along professionally, but they share few political views and barely tolerate each other socially.

Flour from Imperial Mills mostly goes directly to the many bakeries, restaurants, and taverns throughout the city, but private citizens can purchase small bags for personal use in a small kiosk in front of the main building at the end of the Millway.

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