Florian Amicus

Publius Amicus ascended to Master of the Imperial Mills in Fellport one hundred and fifty-seven years ago. The patriarch of the Amicus family has occupied that role ever since. Florian Amicus took over the family business eighteen years ago, the eighth generation in an unbroken line.

Florian takes his duties seriously, milling grain and making it available to the citizens of Fellport. He makes the trip back to Ionia quarterly (though he misses a quarter here and there) to report to the authorities of the Republic of Ionia, fulfill his militia training obligations, and receive orders. He feels that the Republic has lost sight of the assets he brings to the table, and his past several reports fell on deaf ears. With the coming war, he hopes to prove his loyalty to Ionia and possibly shorten the inevitable siege.

Florian received military training back in Ionia, as all good citizens did. His father Titus pushed Florian to learn sailing, so he spent two years on the docks taking odd jobs on traders and patrol ships. Titus had hoped that learning something of his home would round out the boy, but Imperial blood filled his veins to the exclusion of all others.

Florian took an Ionian wife, Octavia, as had all his ancestors before him. They came back to Fellport and did their duty amid the barbarians and outcasts all around them. They have four children, currently apprenticing in the Mills to learn how the business works. Titus retired to travel the world, and Florian took over the Imperial Mills.

Florian's forty-three years sit lightly on his shoulders. He keeps his blonde hair short and face clean-shaven. His height and width remain impressive, as does his prowess with spear, shield, and gladius. He views himself as a citizen of the Republic, though the Republic doesn't share that view. He has an idealized view of the world, where Fellport will return to Imperial ways and he may one day become a Senator. He holds this view firmly and stubbornly. His sharp mind sees the world clearly, but labors endlessly to fit everything he sees into the rigid structure of his internal world view.

Florian Amicus

Ionian Human Battle Master Fighter (Level 5) (Sailor Background, Piercer & Shield Master Feats)
Str 16  Dex 14  Con 16  Int 12  Wis 10  Cha 8
Animal Handling +3, Athletics +6, History +4, Intimidation +2, Perception +4

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