Duncan McKinsey

Duncan McKinsey calls Fellport home. His grandfather, Everett McKinsey, branched out after making a fortune buying property in the cities of Dunhill, and purchased The Underground with the help of the Dawngold family of dwarves. This investment pays increasing dividends every year, and Duncan continues to profit from his grandfather's foresight and his father's level-headed business sense.

Duncan grew up around money and high society. He plays the part of a wealthy playboy who dabbles in magic, but the superficial facade hides a darker truth. Duncan works on behalf of Makara, the Guardian In Exile, trapped under the bottom of Fellport's harbor. Makara initially reached out with dreams of a cold and dark ocean depth, but Duncan worked to strengthen communications, and he entered into an agreement with Makara for arcane power in exchange for working toward freeing the ancient monster.

Duncan found others touched by Makara, and they started meeting to coordinate their actions. They call themselves Deepspeakers, and they contact each other when needed, from drifters squatting at Dockside to the very height of society. Duncan easily disguises meetings as time spent developing business contacts or pursuing arcane research.

Duncan McKinsey
Human (Dunhill) Warlock (Great Old One) (Level 6) (Noble Background, Keen Mind & Metamagic Adept Feats)
Str 10  Dex 10  Con 14  Int 14  Wis 12  Cha 16
Arcana +5 , Deception +6, History +5, Investigation +5, Persuasion +6

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