The Deepspeakers

The Deepspeakers each hear the voice from the depths calling for freedom. It starts with a dream of darkness, cold, and crushing pressure. An ancient voice calls out for justice and freedom. Memories of ancient prosperity flood the mind, calling back to an idyllic settlement trading across the Placid Sea. Makara, the Guardian In Exile remembers the day the sky fell, crushing him deep into the seabed, and they call for your aid to rebuild his destroyed city.

Makara has been trapped at the bottom of Fellport Harbor since the harbor was formed well over a thousand years ago. They desire to taste the air again, to protect their people again, and to exact revenge on the outworlders who did this to them. They don't know exactly what keeps them bound in the depths, but they call out to receptive people to uncover the truth and set them free.

The Deepspeakers have members from all levels of society, and they have existed for as long as sentient creatures have settled around Fellport. Rumor has it that several human founders of the College were in league with Makara, but a great purge has swept these twisted people out of the institution. And now the college has the most complete collection of arcane and historical writings in the world. How convenient.

Makara serves as either a Great Old One or Fathomless warlock patron. They desire escape and revenge, so directing their followers to research what binds them, recover ancient artifacts, and cause pain to lesser beings all fit Makara's goals. They know of Orcus's influence to stir up undead in the Sea of Sorrows, and they know that the dragons have made a pact to leave this world for greener pastures. Surely trading this knowledge could uncover some secrets about Makara's prison and how to unseal it.

Part of T.W.Wombat's #City23 project. See the Fellport Index for all entries.

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