The Tankard Bar

The Tankard lies at the end of Tankard Way off of Arena Boulevard on Cliffside 3. It occupies the mess hall of an old arena barracks and training complex. The bar, tables, and chairs look solid, but rough-hewn. Patrons devolve into brawls occasionally, though the Tavern Master, a female Tabaxi named Vellix, encourages feisty patrons to take their violence to one of the adjacent sparring rooms.

The beer selection, simple breads, and mixed nuts all leave much to be desired, but the no-nonsense decor and prices keep the tab reasonably low. The Tankard primarily serves the students of the Way of the Tankard, a militant order dedicated to drinking and improvised combat tactics, though anyone coming through the doors will receive the same services as one of their students: plain fare and honest conversation.

Some patrons of the Grand Odeon make a special stop at the Tankard (since it's on the way) to see how "ordinary folks" spend their leisure time. Most don't manage to talk their way into trouble, though some end up chastened on the losing end of a brawl. Some enterprising students have started staging contests on event nights and making sure the "fancy folk" lose more bets than they win.

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