Way of the Tankard

Zemion didn't intend to start a monastic order, it just kind of happened. Once the arena closed, he lost himself in a bottle for a while, but he decided he could make the world a better place. He started training others to fight, and over the years he came up with a few simple tenets to guide his new acolytes.

The Way of the Tankard focuses on self-improvement, mainly around unarmed fighting, helping people, and being unpredictable. They maintain The Tankard Bar and barracks for members just outside the old arena on the Cliffside of Level 3. Prices at the Tankard Bar remain low to allow anyone to get a drink, and they provide bar snacks for free so everyone has at least something to eat.

The Way of the Tankard embraces and embodies these ideals:

  1. The Tankard Overflows. Share what you have with anyone who needs it. One day you may be in need. Pay it forward.
  2. Less Thinking, More Doing. When in doubt, do something. Don't delay by overplanning.
  3. Make Beautiful Accidents. Flow into any situation. Make yourself impossible to predict.
  4. Nobody Stays Down. Make sure enemies, friends, and people you don't know can get up and walk away. Help people whenever you can, and give everyone options.

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