Braggi Stormholt "The Returned"

Braggi escaped from home when very young and grew up on the ocean. His sun-brown skin and short-cut black hair and beard mark him as very different from your average Mountain Dwarf. He wanted to be the opposite of what was expected of him, so he taught himself to swim and signed on to the first ship he could find. The captain trained him well, and he became a permanent crew member aboard the Wayward Zephyr.

A few years later, a storm washed him overboard, and his crewmates thought they lost him. He washed ashore near Fellport two years later, tight-lipped about his whereabouts for those two years, but crystal clear about his calling to serve nature. Now he works as a fisherman, though he carefully preserves sea life populations and the ecosystems that support them. He still doesn't talk about his missing years. He laughs deeply and easily, but his eyes appear haunted in unguarded moments.

He knows about reefers (aquatic piercers), stone-shelled creatures that can impale ships in shallower waters. He has discovered how to distill a powerful hallucinogenic drug from their remains, and sells small doses to people who can handle a trip into the nature of consciousness itself to search for answers or direction. He frequently works and socializes with Pud’n.

Braggi Stormholt "The Returned"
Mountain Dwarf Land (Coast) Druid (Level 3) (Sailor Background)
Str 16  Dex 10  Con 16  Int 8  Wis 14  Cha 12
Athletics +5, Medicine +4, Perception +4, Survival +4

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