The Bounty Below

When closed, The Bounty Below looks like a tiny shop tucked away down a side street on the Lakeside of Level 3. When Braggi opens up every morning, the entire front of the shop swings out, creating a larger outdoor space partially covered by a small awning to peruse the aquatic curiosities on display inside the front wall. This one small shop serves as museum, aquarium, aquatic hospital, and take-away restaurant.

The swing-out wall provides learning opportunities involving the remains of some odd creatures. Inside, various fish tanks cover the left wall and half the back wall, some empty, most with a mind-boggling variety of ocean critters. The seafood counter takes up the right half of the back wall, with access granted by a section of the counter that hinges up and attaches to the right wall. A section of slate hangs above the counter with the day's specials and prices. More fish tanks cover the right wall, barely allowing for a table crammed with various condiments.

Braggi sells seafood of all kinds: raw sushi and sashimi, oysters either fried or raw on the half shell, ceviche, grilled fish steaks, pickled smelt and herring, smoked salmon, various edible seaweeds, loops of fried calamari on a stick, lobster and crab salad, and fish and chips. He mostly prepares meals to order, but he will sell cuts of fish for his customers to prepare elsewhere. Braggi limits his fishing to prevent overfishing, so he can't handle a restaurant's typical order, but he fills the consumer niche with high-quality food from the sea.

Part of T.W.Wombat's #City23 project. See the Fellport Index for all entries.

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