Sticks and Stones

Across the street from The Bounty Below on the Lakeside of Level 3 sits a forge and tool shop with a forged iron sign spelling out "Sticks and Stones" hanging over the shop door. Large double doors allow access to the forge directly from the street, giving excellent ventilation. The shop contains all manner of tools for immediate sale, and various other consumables like nails, caltrops, ballast by the bucketful, tableware, and metal meat skewers. If you don't see what you need, just ask. Stock replenishes quickly, usually within a day, and for a little extra you can commission a special order.

If you ask the owner Ben (he doesn't offer his family name) to see the back room, he will swing open one of the shelf units in the back of the shop, exposing a short passageway opening into a small room with high-end and well-lit glass display cases. All manner of bladed weapons fill the display cases and hang on the walls, mostly throwing knives and daggers of varying designs, swords with blades of different lengths and curvatures, axes with elegant and artistic heads, punching daggers, and even a couple of modern takes on ancient khopesh swords. Ben accompanies everyone into the back room without exception, and only one or two customers at a time.

Ben experiments with specialized weapon designs and offers his creations to the discerning collector or wielder. His non-magical blades can give bonuses and penalties relevant to their purpose. For example, his balanced throwing knives give a +1 to hit but they will not work as melee weapons, and his parrying dagger with the basket hilt gives a +1 to AC, but only does 1d3 piercing damage when it hits. If you want to introduce specialized weapons to your party of adventurers, Sticks and Stones can make what you need.

Part of T.W.Wombat's #City23 project. See the Fellport Index for all entries.

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