Quilia Ven

Quilia Ven started life in the settlement of Tondlas deep in the Alfinwald Forest, a surprise to her elven parents. The short devilish horns poking out of her forehead and her dark iridescent skin marked her as something very different, even if she did have elvish ears and features. Her violet eyes remain inquisitive to this day, but her existence still challenges the status quo of Tiefling heritage.

Her mother accepted her and trained her as a Calligrapher as soon as she could handle a pen. Her father fell under the sway of the conservative town leadership, eventually convincing him to "remove the abomination from Alfinwand". He couldn't kill her, but he forced her and her mother to flee before more zealous purists decided to do what he couldn't.

So they ran, leaving the elven forests for good and making their way in the lands of humans. They ended up in Fellport, where Quilia saved her copper from odd copy jobs to attend the College and study Transmutation. She has always loved the alchemy of cooking and baking, but Transmutation took her passion to a whole different level.

She adventured for a while, until her party fought the psychic aberrations from another plane of existence. They got into her head and subtly changed her mind. After surviving and coming back to her mother in Fellport that day just over ten years ago, she became obsessed with baking, or more specifically, with the consuming desire to bake the perfect cookie. She quit adventuring, liquidated all her savings, and bought an abandoned bakery. The multi-level bar reminded her of a castle wall's crenelations, so she picked the name Rampart Cookie Bar.

She baked like a woman possessed, and still does when she finds the time to experiment with recipes. She focused on chocolate cookies first, as those seemed closest to her ideal cookie. She sold her experiments unexpectedly quickly and realized that she could fund further experiments toward her goal with these "good enough" recipes. Now she has a staff of thirty-seven between bakers, counter staff, and people working out of her cookie carts. She continues to expand her skills and her business, all in pursuit of the perfect cookie.

She still lives with her mother in an apartment on 5, but they rarely see each other. Quilia spends almost every waking hour at the bakery either experimenting after hours or overseeing the business expansion. Her mother sees the obsession and worries for her daughter, but it brings in so much cash and provides so much comfort that she hasn't sought out help to undo the assumed curse.

Quilia Ven
Tiefling Transmuter Wizard (Level 6) (Guild Artisan Background, Chef Feat)
Str 8  Dex 14  Con 12  Int 16  Wis 12  Cha 14
History +6, Insight +4, Investigation +6, Persuasion +5

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