Rampart Cookie Bar

What started as a simple bakery on the Lakeside of 3 with an odd multi-level bar to comfortably handle most customer heights has blossomed into a food cart empire specializing in custom sandwich cookies. Quilia Ven did not expect such success when she borrowed enough money to buy an abandoned bakery 10 years ago. She started with one of her mother's recipes for chocolate cookies and sold out her first day. She made more cookies and kept selling out.

Almost immediately, Quilia started experimenting with fillings to make cookie sandwiches and spice things up. She kept asking for feedback, and she got responses that ran the spectrum from "How could you ruin a cookie this way?" to "I will eat nothing else." So she stopped trying to standardize and just decided to start custom-filling her cookies with whatever her customers wanted.

After years of hearing that the bakery should provide a shorter walk to dedicated customers, Quilia hired teams and invested in custom carts that mirrored the multi-level bar at the bakery. She now supplies 5 carts up and down the city, usually right next to a Ramp, and she has moved from baking to actually running the business and maintaining growth. Next year another 2 carts will set up shop, if sales keep going up.

A silver will buy a cookie sandwich with your choice of cookie flavor and whatever you want to put in the middle. Popular choices include the Nutter (snickerdoodles with marshmallow and peanut butter), the Nillanana (vanilla cookies with custard and banana slices), the Cherry Island (chocolate cookies with cherry goo and a few shavings of coconut), and the Chocolate Medicine (chocolate cookies with chocolate frosting and a schmear of chocolate fudge). Bring your own napkins.

Part of T.W.Wombat's #City23 project. See the Fellport Index for all entries.

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