Karanog Dawngold

Karanog always had more money than he knew what to do with, and he wants to leave an even larger pile of treasure to his family, when he actually gets around to finding a wife. His father, Baranor Dawngold, founded the Steinkellar Bar over eighty years ago. Twenty years ago he retired and transferred ownnership over to Karanog, and it still makes money hand over fist to this day. Karanog grew up in the bar, helping his father from the time he could walk, so he feels most at home there. He polishes the brass rail on the bar every night, and he oversees the cleaning staff to make sure everything stays perfect. He technically lives in Dawngold Manor on Topside, but only for the few hours a day when he leaves Steinkellar to sleep and change clothes.

Karanog enjoys people. He doesn't always remember the secrets they let slip to a bartender, but he enjoys the camaraderie, the laughs, and the way they all order rounds for the house when their joy overspills. He used to play lute and tinwhistle in his youth, but his gravel voice tends to favor drinking songs and bawdy limericks nowadays when he wants tips and accolades. Doing favors for powerful friends helps keep the coffers full, too. The Steinkellar started life as a smuggler's den, and occasionally Karanog revives that role for a high enough stack of gold coins.

Karanog's dark auburn hair has started its retreat across his deeply tanned scalp, though he feels barely past his ceremonial name day. He wears his beard on the short side and intricately braided, covering a scar on his jaw. His broad nose looks like it broke several times over the years, but every time it knit back stronger than before. He has the look of a survivor, of someone too stubborn to quit, even with vanishingly small odds of success.

Karanog Dawngold
Hill Dwarf Eloquence Bard (Level 6) (Noble Background)
Str 10  Dex 12  Con 16  Int 12  Wis 12  Cha 16
Deception +6, History +3, Perception +4, Performance +6, Persuasion +6

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