Steinkellar Bar

The Steinkellar Bar has been the heart and soul of the Underground for the past 80 years. By far the largest space in the whole Underground complex, it originally served as a warehouse for smuggled goods until Baranor Dawngold turned it into a bar. About 20 years ago, Baranor retired and handed over control to his son, Karanog Dawngold.

Steinkellar has enough room for a dance floor in front of the stage in the main function room, to the left of the bar as you come in. Access to private rooms (for a small fee) lies through the guarded door to the right, and a storeroom and office hide behind the bar.

Steinkellar has the only back doors in the whole complex. The one everyone knows about in the back of the storage space goes to an 8th spiral ramp leading to the surface, and both the nondescript upper and lower doors remain locked except when receiving deliveries. A secret floor hatch behind the bar leads to a small storage space for the good booze, and one of the shelving units conceals access to the Raceway that runs under all of Fellport.

Karanog runs a tidy bar. He polishes the brass fixtures himself and makes sure the whole place stands ready to entertain royalty at the drop of a hat. He listens to his patrons and cheers them up without fail, and he has a huge mental library of limericks and drinking songs to lighten the mood. Rumor has it he can procure any sort of contraband for the right price, and famous performers and powerful friends both make a habit of visiting the bar because of him. Add to that the proximity to the College where some students spend their parents' money like water, and the Steinkellar packs people in almost every night.

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