The Underground

If you look closely, you can find glass panels embedded in the main road on the Lakeside of 8. Find one of the seven doors emblazoned with the letter U and an arrow pointing down and you can descend a spiral ramp to the warren of tunnels originally dug as an experiment to understand dwarven mining techniques. The tunnels have since expanded into a subterranean shopping complex lit with natural light from the skylights in the road above enhanced with magical light sources.

What started as a novelty has turned into serious business, as the Underground offers the most sought-after retail spaces in Fellport. If a vendor leaves, the space never stays vacant for more than a month before someone else moves in. The McKinsey family owns and manages the Underground as the crown jewel among its real estate holdings in the city and beyond. Underground shops tend toward the small side, though the Steinkellar Bar has enough room for a dance floor in front of the stage in their function room.

Even locals enjoy the novelty of shopping underground. The Underground sits one level below the College's Undercampus, so many students come to hang out and meet up. Everyone appreciates the constant cool temperatures in the Underground, especially on a hot summer day. In quiet moments you can sometimes hear rushing water, especially at the bottom of the ramps.

Part of T.W.Wombat's #City23 project. See the Fellport Index for all entries.

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