The Sorcerer's Secret

In the Underground on the Lakeside of 8, a solid black door sits under a black sign with "The Sorcerer's Secret" carved in relief. The Continual Flames on each side of the sign cast enough of a shadow for the carved words to flicker in and out of legibility. Sometimes the sound of a cracking whip comes from beyond the door.

The interior of the shop stretches back a fair distance, long enough for an archery target to sit in the back right corner. Tables and shelves clump together along the left wall. The closest shelves display leather goods: wand holsters, a bandolier belt for wands, and a sturdy rollable wand case with space for 10 wands. The next section features "The Sorcerer's Secret": a bracer or cuff that holds 4 wands in a wood and metal contraption around a forearm, keeping the hand free for other uses. The furthest section features a collection of various wands for immediate purchase: Secrets, Detect Magic, Web, and War Mage.

A curtain next to the archery target conceals a back room containing a workshop for enchanting new wands. A Wand of Paralysis hides in a slot under the workbench, and a partially-constructed Wand of Enemy Detection lies on the workbench, a current commission project. No back door exists.

The proprietor, Lydianna "The Whip", practices with her bullwhip and longbow in the shop during slow times. She engages anyone entering and attempts to banter with them, exchanging barbed compliments or backing off before overwhelming a potential customer. Her extroversion and confidence can put people off, but she knows her craft and can usually smell a charlatan when they walk in.

Part of T.W.Wombat's #City23 project. See the Fellport Index for all entries.

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