Lydianna "The Whip"

Lydianna came into this world with a fire in her veins that burns to this day. Stories of her distant past remain cloudy and contradictory, as her parents either died, fled, or got sucked through a gateway to another plane. Either way, they had no bearing on their orphaned daughter's upbringing.

After several orphanages, Lydianna found herself in the care of an older Mountain Dwarf tinker named Drallin. They didn't become friends so much as peers, as Drallin taught her how things worked and how to fix them. Lydianna remained suspicious of his kindness, as all her previous caretakers had concealed selfish motives for taking charge of her life, and none of them could deal with her angry outbursts when they came out of a clear sky. Drallin remained patient, trying to fix her in the kindest possible way.

Drallin helped Lydianna to control her outbursts, and his life ended peacefully just when she thought she should start making her own way in life. She buried him, said goodbye, and set out. She heard about a College of Magic in Fellport, so she went there, paying her passage by fixing the inevitable broken wheel or loose fitting. Sometimes she earned respect, but she never fully earned trust because of her infernal blood: her whip-thin tail, red-tinged skin, black goat horns, and golden eyes marked her as very different.

The College accepted her application, and she dove into her studies. She settled into a new life of scholarship, where her infernal blood never really mattered. Her mind became the center of her being, not her physical characteristics, and her confidence became unshakeable. She adventured for a while, but found that she enjoyed interacting with people far more than puzzling out the thought processes of long-dead builders.

A few years ago she pawned a few treasures and opened The Sorcerer's Secret, a shop dedicated to creating and selling wands. She created a thick bracer that fits around the forearm and contains a number of wands for immediate use while keeping both hands free, also called the Sorcerer's Secret. She also takes commissions to create wands, wand accessories, and wand-holding parephenalia.

Lydianna practiced for years and became proficient with an assortment of weapons: rapier, longbow, net, and bullwhip. She especially enjoys the bullwhip. She wears her purple hair in a pageboy cut, and her golden eyes have an extra sparkle from her mischievous streak. She prefers black leather clothes now, including impractical high-heeled boots that raise her to above-average height. She verbally spars with nearly everyone using her quick and cutting wit, though she apologizes quickly if she causes real pain. Her temper gets the better of her on occasion, but usually because she will not suffer fools.

Lydianna "The Whip"
Tiefling Conjurer Wizard (Level 5) (Guild Artisan Background, Weapon Master Feat)
Str 8  Dex 14  Con 12  Int 16  Wis 12  Cha 16
Arcana +6, Insight +4, Investigation +6, Persuasion +6

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