Hues of Life

Coming down the Lakeside Ramp onto Level 6, a parade of unfurled sails stretches between the Ramp and the wall. Tents, cloth sun shades, and canopy roofs compete for the sun, packed close together on the ground with larger rooftop spaces standing above the crush. Each building, tent, pavilion, and stall contains at least one artist creating flowing sculpture, ribald poetry, vibrant paintings, crystal wind chimes, decorative wooden reliefs, or syncopated songs.

Sitting in the heart of this Artist's Quarter, a broad whitewashed shop sprawls on the side of the main road. A multicolored sign reading "Hues of Life" hangs above the doorway, striking in its saturated hues. Entering the building evokes the light feeling of an Okulari feast tent, joyously celebrating a major life event. To the left stands a wall of well-organized color swatches, and a gallery of visual art fills the space to the right. Further in, a spacious painting studio and sculpting area flank a small room with an alchemy table and writing desk. A ladder leads up to the apartment above, and eventually to the roof which commands a lovely view of the harbor.

The painter Lynn Sanders holds court here. Many nobles from many lands know her or have served as her patron for a time. Now she spends her semi-retirement teaching the next generation to create great works. She still consults on projects when asked, especially for pigments and colors. She dismisses sycophants, but deeply enjoys conversation with passionate beginners.

Part of T.W.Wombat's #City23 project. See the Fellport Index for all entries.

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