Lynn Sanders

Lynn's fascination with color began almost from birth. As an infant she stared at anything with bright colors: the blue sky, grass at midsummer, her father's potions bubbling away at his workbench. Her mother worked long hours for the town government in Culmen, back in the Dales, so she spent most of her time with her father. He made her all colors of paints and taught her about combining colors to make new colors. Lynn never looked back.

She apprenticed with her father, but instead of learning alchemy, she painted. In her later teens, her landscapes commanded attention and sold for princely sums. Around this time she started hearing the Song of Creation. It started in her aimless humming while she worked, but she started recognizing the tune everywhere around her: children's shouts, the wind in the grass, old friends talking in their linguistic shorthand, even the crash of rockslides. She followed its call and started experimenting with musical phrases, unlocking more of its power as she went.

She couldn't stop painting, so she pivoted to portraits for a few years. She found the colors too drab and subtle, so she strayed into the abstract using natural elements in artificial ways. Her balanced eye and command of subtle color variations brought her around the known world, visiting nobles in exchange for a new outlook on the world with the same musical themes and a masterful painting or two produced during her residency. She painted what she saw: hope and light lifting conditions for all intelligent beings. Some of her patrons understood the deeper meaning of her work, but most simply enjoyed her vibrant canvases.

Fellport lacked overtly powerful nobles, so it appealed to her as a spot to rest for a while. She found other artists and gathered them near to herself, founding her art supply store Hues of Life and partially funding the artist colony around it. She helps wherever she can, primarily consulting to avoid diluting the artist's work, but still hearing the Song of Creation repeated in every medium all around her. Lately she went back to her roots and actually studied alchemy to try and create new and more vibrant colors. She studied calligraphy with scribes from the College as well, as part of her language studies.

She has settled into her mid-sixties and semi-retirement. Her flaxen hair has gone mostly grey in its eternal pony tail, but her calm green eyes still sparkle above a placid smile. She favors flowing clothes, long shawls, or silk kimonos depending on her mood and the weather. Some call her the Monk of Paint, and she definitely exhibits a monk's separation from the world while patiently observing everything around her and cutting to the heart of the matter with keen insight. She still paints, but now she paints for herself alone. She still sells her paintings, mostly smaller works focusing on harbor scenes or the sea crashing against the cliffs, but she won't take commission jobs for any price.

Lynn Sanders
Lightfoot Halfling Creation Bard (Level 7) (Guild Artisan Background, Skilled Feat)
Str 8  Dex 14  Con 10  Int 13  Wis 14  Cha 16
Insight +5, Investigation +4, Perception +5, Performance +6, Persuasion +6, Sleight of Hand +6

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