Tamar the Healer

Tamar (actually Tor-Tamar, but he omits his Elven family name, especially in Fellport) keeps his platinum blonde hair cut short. His purple eyes and copper skin marked him as a prime candidate for War Mage training, but he washed out in the first year. He left home after that, sparing his parents the embarrassment of his presence, spending two decades wandering the wilderness to cultivate an inward and outward quietness.

While there, purpose found him in the form of a celestial patron: a unicorn named Qi who tasked him to go forth and heal the world. He wholeheartedly embraced that path ever since, and he has used Qi's granted powers to heal as many people as he can in the years since his calling. He sometimes goes by Tamar the Healer, and he favors a unicorn's horn motif for embellishing his potion bottles.

He came to Fellport twenty years ago, taking the first hole-in-the-wall shop space he could find and hanging out a shingle to sell potions at his shop Healing Draughts. He hasn't bothered to move, as the space suits his needs and he doesn't want to set up shop ever again. He travels unarmed and unarmored in a peasant's tunic and trousers with a large padded pack, but he can summon a +1 longsword or +1 longbow at need with his Improved Pact Weapon. His Eldritch Sight easily picks out magical effects, so he knows if the afflictions he treats are magical or mundane. He never travels without at least 4 healing potions in his pack.

Recently Tamar received the components to make Stone Giant Strength potions from Karn at the Scout’s Tent. He still debates if he will offer these potions for sale, but selling even one of these will pay his expenses for a year or more.

High Elven Celestial Warlock (Level 3) (Hermit Background)
Str 10  Dex 14  Con 12  Int 12  Wis 14  Cha 14
Arcana +3, Medicine +4, Nature +3, Perception +3, Religion +3

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