Water's Edge Warehouses

Tucked back at the Lakeside end of Dockside Row, at the bottom of a sheer drop under where Level 2 meets the wall, lies a ramshackle collection of warehouses acquired over years of opportunistic purchases. An obviously-expanded-many-times wall runs around the edge of the collected property, and a stout gate flanked by a pair of guardhouses provide the only access to the warehouses within.

Water's Edge Warehouses offers space to anyone willing to pay their fees. They offer weekly rates at a minimum, all the way up to multi-year prepaid leases with increasing discounts for more pre-paid time purchased. All entry requires a physical token to get past the guards (no exceptions), and each numbered warehouse provides a solid bolted door ready for customer-provided locks to secure.

When nearing the end of a lease, agents will attempt to locate the original renter to extend the contract. If nobody steps forward (or they have left the mortal realm), they broadcast a notice of intent to auction for all interested parties, which sets an auction date at least one month away (typically the first of the month). If nobody puts forth an inheritance claim or pays the outstanding rental amount plus penalty, access to the warehouse gets auctioned off, sight unseen.

Anyone winning an auction pays the amount bid plus a one week rental agreement. Locks are changed to one provided by the new owner, and they may do what they will with the contents. Water's Edge used to take the contents and sell them piecemeal, but they found that most abandoned units contained nothing but trash, so why not let some excited treasure seeker deal with the mess instead?

Nobody really knows who owns Water's Edge, but the grizzled Half-Elf Silas Greenbough manages the operation for the nameless owners. He treats people fairly by all accounts, but he has seen too many people ask for special treatment, and sometimes his temper gets the better of him.

Part of T.W.Wombat's #City23 project. See the Fellport Index for all entries.

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