The Liftwardens' Guild

Liftwardens control access to and perform maintenance on the giant Lift running up and down the center of Fellport. Originally made up almost exclusively of Gnomes, the staff has diversified greatly over the past hundred years. The roll of current and emeritus employees contains 893 names.

The guild is split into three main groups. Operations, Maintenance, and Administration. Operations covers the day-to-day public facing aspects of the Lift. Conductors ride with their platforms, organizing riders to efficiently embark from the side and disembark off the front of the platform. Liftwardens collect money and pre-stage riders, passing destination information to the Conductors and providing the strength to make sure everyone gets on and off within the 4-minute loading window. Liftwardens also provide security on the Ramps, though in smaller numbers than what the Lift requires.

Maintenance works below ground, greasing the works and replacing parts in 4-minute bursts of activity. They also collect the Terminus Buckets, sifting out the dirt and passing all collected items over to the Lost & Found Office in the Administration group. Administrators handle payroll, keep tabs on platform usage, field complaints and communications, run the Lost & Found Office, and investigate any oddities reported during operations. Administrators also vigorously investigate any allegations of corruption, as trust in the system keeps the money flowing.

Part of T.W.Wombat's #City23 project. See the Fellport Index for all entries.

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