The Rumor Mill - Week 4

I have a hard time spreading nasty rumors. I got into blackmail last week, and I categorically rejected that rumor as false. I mean, Genna is a Good Person and juggles chainsaws both on the Council and as the Justicar of the Divinity Circle who coordinates the bickering entitled children who run religions in Fellport, so casting her as a puppeteer master of dirty secrets just doesn't work anyway. So yeah, maybe next week I'll focus on crime and Not Good People.

Onward to week 4. This week, let's talk about gods and get some creation myths out there into the world. I think all of them might have a grain of truth, but I really like the Celestial Dragon idea. The "planet built on an enormous dragon's bones" may actually be the truth in Beneterra, which makes the present lack of dragons in the world most peculiar.

1A large stone glows in ever-changing colors in the dwarven city of Krugheim.Yes1
2Ti'an, the Celestial Dragon, slumbers deep underground. Do not wake them.Maybe2
3Dwarves say the Soulforger created the world in the Forge of Creation.No3
4Mithras killed the bull in the cave to feed the people and lead them into light.Maybe4
5The elves have gods, but even their gods worship and respect nature.Yes5
6A few ancient dragons became the first elves, then forgot they were dragons.No6
7Elves got too proud with their magic, causing the Arcane Night 2,000 years ago.No7
8This year marks the Divinity Sanctum's 200th anniversary. Prepare for a festival.Yes8

1 - The PCs in my current game have visited the artist colony growing around this stone. The color changes have no pattern.
2 - The Celestial Dragon came when the sun was young. They curled up and died in orbit, forming the core of Beneterra.
3 - If that's true, where did the Souldforger get the ore? And why did so much of it remain ore underground?
4 - This central myth of Mithras may refer to humans emerging after taking shelter underground when the Arcane Night fell.
5 - Druids and Clerics of the Morning Star consider each other peers in elven culture. Nature herself rules over both.
6 - Dragons fostered life on Beneterra, but elves evolved independently. Some dragons temporarily shapeshift into elven form.
7 - The Arcane Night happened, but humans caused it with their eternal striving for more power. Elves failed to stop them.
8 - Truth. Nobody expected the Divinity Sanctum to work without bloodshed, but the Divinity Circle keeps the peace somehow.

Part of T.W.Wombat's Lore 24 project, detailing the world around Fellport.
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